High Meadows Bentley


Bentley came to us from High Meadows Terriers. Thank you, Bobbie!

Bentley is the most high-spirited and joyful JRT you'll ever find! He provides us with endless entertainment and laughs. He is very kind and sensible. We are excited to include Bentley in our "pack a Jacks." He has proven he can pass high spirits and joy on to his puppies. 

Bentley is EJRTCA registered and PLL/SCA clear.

HM Friar Tuck of Salty Jacks


Tucker came to us from High Meadow Terriers. Thank you, Bobbie!  

Tucker has proven himself to be a kind, sweet and well-mannered boy.  He is a gentleman in every sense of the word!   He is loving, loyal and patient.  He has passed on his excellent disposition to our puppies.

Tucker is EJRTCA registered and PLL/SCA clear.

Reference Sire